Step 1

Remove the blades from your skates that need sharpening.



Step 2

Place the blades in the special envelope via Click-N-Ship from the United States Postal Service (more information). For $6.50, you can ship to anywhere in the United States! See below for packing instructions.

Step 3

We receive your skates, sharpen them using precision equipment and ship them back to you! It’s that easy!


How to package the blades for shipping

Step 1

Insert Blades

Step 2

Roll/fold blades on each end of envelope towards the middle.

Step 3

Fold over excess envelope material. No need to seal this envelope or tape the folded area, or put any tape around this roll. Trust us, the blades will not come out!

Step 4

Position Tyvek envelope on a diagonal inside envelope (or place in a box if you are using a box instead of envelope.) Smaller blades or multiple pairs of blades can be put in at any orientation, but we find this diagonal is best for taping.

Step 5

Tape the Tyvek

Step 6

Before sealing envelope put a copy of your online order in the envelope. You get your blades back faster when you do this, we can start working on them right away. Otherwise, we have to go to our website and look up your order, which adds to the processing time. Also, believe it or not, we have several sets of steel here from customers who had no identifying information inside the envelope, or even a return address on the outside. If we can’t tell who they came from, we simply have to wait till the customer calls to see where their blades are.

Step 7

After you seal the envelope and affix your label, you do not need to tape anywhere on the outside of the envelope. It is unnecessary, especially taping over the pull tab, please don’t do that either.